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Welcome to Cape Verde

VIP Tours Cabo Verde welcomes you to the Alantic islands of Cape Verde or Cabo Verde - the charming islands West of Africa We are your holiday specialist for travel and trekking directly on the islands The archipel of Cabo Verde is composed of 12 islands, 9 of them inhabited. The islands are of volcanic origin. You will find long, sandy beaches on some of them like on the  islands  of Sal, Boavista or Maio, and mountains on others.  Santo Antao has the most beautiful and spectacular landscapes of Cape Verde and is the perfect  island for walking tours across the valleys and mountains. In the town of Mindelo, the capital of São Vicente, many colonial buidlings have been  preserved. It is also said that the bay of Mindelo counts among the most beautiful seaports on the globe. Cidade Velha, not far from Cape Verde’s capital Praia, has been during centuries an  important link in the Portuguese slavery trade. On Fogo island - if you like a challenge - you may climb the huge volcano crater of Pico de Fogo (2.829 m) in company of an experienced local  guide, or simply visit the smaller crater of the last eruption in 1995. Music is everywhere in Cabo  Verde and every island has created it’s own music style. Enjoy discovering Cabo Verde with it’s nature and it’s criol culture, a melting pot between Europe, Africa and Brasil on some charming atlantic islands!
Agencies and Trekking Associations If you are an agency, tour-operator or trekking association, don’t hesitate to contact us in order to design and operate your journeys to Cape Verde. VIP Tours Cabo Verde is an agency registered in Cape Verde and under German management. VIP Tours Cabo Verde has been founded on base of 2 decades of experience in Tourism on the Canaries and Cape Verde islands Individual Package You would like to spend your trekking holidays in Cape Verde? Let us know your ideas and priorities and we will be pleased to design your individual tour package! We organize your journey around several islands or offer you short programs all included - like several days of trekking and accomodation in Santo Antão island. Discover the charming islands on some awesome vacations - we will be happy to show you around. Welcome to Cape Verde!
VIP Tours Cabo Verde is your tour operator directly in Cape Verde.  We are located in the green valley of Paul, on Santo Antão island, and are specialized in trekking, island tours and roundtrips. We are pleased to offer you the following services: - travel packages for groups in Cape Verde and the UNESCO-protected Canary island of La Palma - complete trekking packages - roundtrips several islands - packages for several days (hotel, guide, transport...) - one-day-trips all included for short time visitors (sailing yachts, cruiseliners) on the islands of Santo Antão, São Vicente & Santiago - your individual program - Assistance for TV-documentals in Cape Verde
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